Watch All Sessions April 8, 2022

eazyBI Community Day 2022 in Las Vegas

The eazyBI Community Day 2022 Las Vegas is now over. Thanks to all who joined us. If you could not make it, feel free to watch recorded sessions to learn from top experts and long-time users, gather insights, and get new ideas.

Fill In Missing Pieces

Join us for a full-day live event with the best eazyBI content available, from basic concepts and best practices to the latest updates and advanced principles.

Learn about all the latest tools available in the eazyBI toolset. Start simple, apply wisely, advance quickly, and get the most out of eazyBI.

It is your chance to learn from the source — the eazyBI team.

Gain a New Perspective

Discover new ideas and a fresh new perspective. Immerse in practical sessions, real-life use-cases, lightning talks, and individual consulting sessions.

Experience the power of face-to-face discussions with like-minded people, eazyBI experts, and power users. Discover quick fixes, and apply permanent solutions.

Share your experience, join discussions, and have your questions answered.

Reach the Next Level

Take your reporting and your eazyBI experience to a whole new level. Manage and maintain eazyBI on large-scale Jira instances effectively, and let your reports work for you!

Understand the underlying principles, apply your insights, and improve the way you manage your teams, projects, assets, tests, time, and more.

Remove the limits of what you think is possible.

Join Remote Livestream

If you can’t join us in Las Vegas, join us remotely. Enjoy all presentations in a FREE Zoom livestream with your favorite coffee from the comfort of your chair.

Binge-watch all our presentations, or tune-in for the ones that interest you most. Join a dedicated Slack workspace for questions, answers, and discussions during the event.

Latest Updates and Improvements

Latest features, functions, updates, and improvements. Upcoming releases, future plans, and fresh new ideas to build better reports.

Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Don’t re-invent the wheel. Create nice-looking and insightful reports quickly. Apply quick solutions and discover hidden gems.

1-on-1 Sessions and Discussions

Share your experience and learn from other eazyBI power users and experts. Meet with like-minded people, discuss possibilities, and ask questions.

Speakers & Topics

Raimonds Simanovskis Founder of eazyBI

Opening Keynote: Latest Features and Future Plans

The past, the present, and the future of eazyBI – where have we been, where are we going, and what you can expect from eazyBI in the near future.

Gerda Zandersone eazyBI Support

Tips & Tricks: How to Benefit from Latest eazyBI Features

Have you noticed the latest news feed with upcoming events, new features, and recent activities in your eazyBI? Today Gerda will demonstrate practical use cases on how to benefit from the latest eazyBI features. For example, quickly identify the outliers in your charts, add smarter filters, improve a dashboard view, and other improvements.

Janis Plume eazyBI Support

Statistical Insights: From One-Click Solutions to Advanced Calculations

Your company or project has grown over time, and trends become more important than separate facts. Then average, deviation, median and other statistical measures come in help. Learn with Jānis about different options eazyBI has in its sleeve to create statistical reports.

Daina Tupule eazyBI Support

eazyBI at Scale: Manage eazyBI in Large-Scale Jira Instances

Keeping things in order is helpful in all organizations, but critical for large ones. Structure your eazyBI household giving freedom to your teams and overview for management, and spend less time maintaining. Daina will show how to scale your eazyBI using account management, customized settings, options to organize data, and much more.

Janis Baiza eazyBI Developer

Usage Statistics: Analyze eazyBI Report Performance with eazyBI

Have you ever wondered what you can do to keep a good track on your reporting health? Which reports and dashboards need some optimisation or which accounts are more active and reports - most frequently used?

In this talk Jānis will show you how to analyze eazyBI performance using eazyBI Usage statistics and what valuable information you can get out of it.

Ilze Leite-Apine eazyBI Support

MDX the Easy Way: Build Your MDX Calculations Gradually

When you learn a new language you start by putting together two simple words, then adding adjective as a third, and soon you have said a meaningful first sentence. Follow Ilze on how to create a new calculation from a scratch putting together elements gradually and adding more and more sense to the sentence in MDX.

Fabian Lim Senior Technical Delivery Manager at Cogeco

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Reporting in eazyBI

How eazyBI was configured to track end to end PPM Executive Dashboards. Includes integration with Jira Service Desk, Insight Asset Management, Xray Test Management and other plugins.

Zane Baranovska eazyBI Support

Filter Data: How to Translate JQL to eazyBI

Do you speak JQL? We speak eazyBI. There is a way to translate JQL to eazyBI report, and during this session, Zane will show how to find the subject, use a dictionary and deal with past tense.

Janis Gulbis eazyBI Marketing

How to Lie With Reports: Tips to Improve Your Data Literacy

Information can be easily manipulated. How to read, understand, create, and communicate data correctly, to avoid misinterpretation and bad decisions.


All sessions will start at an exact time. There will be planned breaks between sessions which will not be live-streamed.